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Several Uniform Invoice Receipts issued in Taipei City Winning Special, Grand, and Cloud Invoice Exclusive NT$1-million Prizes in Nov-Dec 2021

  The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance (NTBT) announces that for the Nov-Dec 2021 Uniform Invoice Lottery were drawn on January 25th, 2022.  Of the uniform invoices issued by business entities in Taipei City, 4 uniform invoices won the Special Prize (NT$10 million), 5 won the Grand Prize (NT$2 million), and 14 won the million-dollar prize of the cloud invoice award.
  The NTBT states that 23 of all receipts issued by Taipei business entities won over NT$1 million prizes. Twenty-two of those won the NT$1-million award for cloud invoices. To encourage people to use a carrier to store cloud invoices, the Ministry of Finance has increased cloud invoice awards in the uniform receipt lottery since the July-August 2021 period.  The awards added 100,000 sets of the NT$800 prize only for cloud invoice holders in addition to the original 30 sets of the NT$1 million prize, 16,000 sets of the NT$2,000 prize, and 1,000,000 sets of the NT$500 prize.  Now, the sum of the awards only for cloud invoices in every period reaches NT$642,000,000.  People with a carrier, such as a mobile barcode, EasyCard, or iPASS Card, can scan their purchases on their carrier barcode and receive their cloud invoices without any paper receipts.  Apart from common prizes, the cloud invoice receipt holders have extra chances to win exclusive prizes.  Due to those awards only for cloud invoices, the winning possibilities are much higher than for common ones.  Besides, the Ministry of Finance promotes diversity to redeem uniform invoice receipt lottery winnings.  People can download and use the Redemption APP of the Uniform Invoice Receipt Lottery, Ministry of Finance to set up a savings account to claim their winnings.  Via the redemption APP, prizewinners can claim their winnings exempt from stamp tax on the Internet anytime anywhere.  Using the redemption APP gets several things done at one stroke.
  The NTBT further points out that offshore e-commerce suppliers shall issue cloud invoices to their purchasers when selling electronic services to domestic individuals in the territory of the R.O.C. according to Article 7-1 of the Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices.  Thus, the Ministry of Finance utilizes the email address, which the purchasers left as part of registration information, as a carrier storing cloud invoices for consumers.  In the November-December 2021 period, two of the cloud invoices issued by offshore e-commerce suppliers won the exclusive NT$1-million prize.  If consumers link their email registered as offshore service account information to their mobile barcode accounts, they can download and use the redemption APP to claim their winnings.  If consumers win prizes but have no linkage set, E-invoice Platform, Ministry of Finance will send them a winning notice by email.  The prizewinner can click the hyperlink in the email notice to ask E-invoice Platform for a one-time password.  After the one-time password is received, the prizewinner shall print the winning certified copies of electronic uniform invoices on an Interactive Kiosk, usually located in 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, and OKmart convenience stores, within 48 hours.  Before the deadline for redemption, the prizewinner shall bring any paper copies to redeem their winnings at the redemption locations.
  The NTBT urges people to store cloud invoices by carriers while shopping.  Apart from increasing the chances to win the lottery, asking cashiers to store cloud invoices can free invoice holders from worries about missing or damaged vouchers, prevent business entities from evading tax, increase revenue of the National Treasury, maintain fair taxation, save energy, reduce carbon, and protect our environment.  Promoting cloud invoicing will create a win-win situation for the consumers and the government.
(Contact: Ms. Lu, Section Head of the Fourth Examination Division; Tel: 886-2-2311-3711 ext.2530)

Last updated:2022-03-01