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Press Releases (News)

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No. Title Publish time
1 Be Aware of Reported Winter or Summer Vacation Salary 2023-09-27
2 Profit-seeking enterprises’ application for the provisional payment of the 2022 profit-seeking enterprise income tax shall not be affected by the implementation of the CFC system. 2023-09-21
3 Taxpayers may provide a third party’s property as guarantee for applying for writing off the registration of disposal prohibition. 2023-08-31
4 Aliens can be exempted from penalties for tax evasion under various tax laws if they voluntarily report and pay taxes on their unreported or uninvestigated income. 2023-08-23
5 A filing household with overseas income of NT$1 million or more should file income basic tax return to avoid penalties. 2023-07-31
6 Business Entities Should Include the Business Tax When Pricing Taxable Goods or Services Sold to Consumers. 2023-06-20
7 A Tax Withholder Paying Compensation to Foreign Profit-Seeking Enterprises for Cross-Border Sales of Electronic Services May Apply for Applicable Net Profit Ratio and Domestic Profit Contribution Ratio to Calculate the Taxable Income for Tax Withholding, If the Requirements Are Met. 2023-05-30
8 Individual income tax payers using transfer of tax payment mandate should set aside sufficient deposit to avoid additional interest 2023-05-24
9 Should prizes from collectively purchased lotteries be de-clared with gift tax? 2023-05-23
10 Foreign e-commerce business entities that provide e-services to domestic natural persons with an annual sales amount exceeding NT$480,000 shall apply for taxation registration, issue uniform invoices, and file business tax 2023-04-28
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