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Using cell phones to file the 2020 individual income tax return has diverse and convenient tax payment methods

    The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance states that cell phone filing has been adopted for the 2020 individual income tax return filing. As long as a resident citizen taxpayer uses the cell phone number registered under his or her name with a monthly data plan to download income and deduction data via a 4G/5G connection from the e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of Finance (https://tax.nat.gov.tw), there is no need to compile and submit any supporting documents. Even if the taxpayer does not have a desktop, laptop, tablet computer, nor a card reader, he or she can still easily file a tax return from home.

    In accordance with the Bureau, the cell phone tax return filing for tax payment and refund is as follows:

Tax payment Tax refund
1. Transfer Authorization 
2. Current (savings) Deposit Account 
(Only available through TW FidO login)
3. Credit Card
4. ATM Transfer
1. Direct Deposit 
2. Voucher

     For example, taxpayer A's income and deductions are not complex and he is used to paying tax by credit card. However, due to his heavy workload and not having a computer or card reader for online filing, he was troubled for not being able to find the time to go to the taxing agency to file his income tax return in the past. During this year's tax return filing period, he can visit the e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of Finance via his cell phones, and log in with his cell phone authentication, etc., to confirm that the downloaded income and deduction data is correct. For those taxpayers who don't need to apply for a tax extension or installment payment, nor do submit any supporting documents, the individual income tax return filing and payment are completed after they choose to pay by credit card and fill in the card holder's ID, credit card number and expiration date to obtain authorization. It is simple, convenient, and fast, avoiding the congestion at the counter and any breach of pandemic prevention.

    The Bureau would like to remind taxpayers paying tax via over-the-counter, financial chip card, or mobile payment that they should use a computer device (laptop, desktop, or tablet) to complete the tax filing. However, taxpayers who have already completed the online individual income tax return filing with a computer device can no longer use their cell phone for correcting. 

    The Bureau would also like to remind taxpayers who are eligible for the Service of the Pre-calculation of Individual Income Tax Returns can also log in by cell phone authentication and choose to pay tax by credit card or other means to complete their tax return filing using cell phone. Those who do not have a cell phone and with a tax payable less than NT$30,000 can use the Kiosk at the four major convenience store chains to print out the Tax Bill for Pre-calculation Payment of Individual Income Tax Returns and then pay at the counter to complete the tax return filing, avoiding clusters and reducing the risk of infection.

    The Bureau would like to call out to taxpayers who are affected by the pandemic and are unable to pay their taxes in full at once to apply for an extension or installment of their tax payments to the taxing agencies following Article 26 of the Tax Collection Act via the Ministry of Finance's tax portal (https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw) or by filling out a hard copy application form during the statutory payment period. The maximum extension period is one year and the maximum installment plan is three years.
(Contact person: Section Head Zhang of the Collection Division; Tel. 2311-3711 ext. 2008)

Last updated:2021-06-25