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Instructions for Alien Individual Income Tax

  1. Alien individual income tax and the period of residence
  2. Income from sources in the R.O.C.
  3. Definition of “taxable year”
  4. Computation of residence
  5. Determination of income
  6. When tax payment is due
  7. Tax services
  8. Filing individual income tax return online
  9. The method adopted to compute income tax in the case that income tax was initially paid and filed while the alien had stayed less than 183 days, and then the said alien continued to stay for 183 days or longer in the same taxable year
  10. The papers and documents to be submitted when filing individual income tax
  11. Scope of exemption
  12. The applicable deductions for a resident of the R.O.C. in filing his/her income tax returns of 2019
  13. Deduction for investing in innovative startups
  14. Tax due on a resident of R.O.C.
  15. Progressive tax rates (Unit: NT$)
  16. Regulations applicable to non-residents of the R.O.C.
  17. Tax credit for selling a residence and repurchasing another one within two years
  18. Investment tax credit
  19. The ways a resident shareholder is to file for tax on dividends or profits of the year of 1998 or after
  20. Paying taxes and obtaining tax refunds
  21. Guarantee of filing and payment of individual income tax
  22. Tax certification
  23. Penalties
Last updated:2021-04-07