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Service Item

Head Office Tel:+886-2-2311-3711

Tax Type Content of Service Unit Floor
Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax
  1. Setting profit standard of the same trade concerned, common level, standards of income, profit rate of qualified returns; management and registration of certified public bookkeepers and bookkeeping and tax return filing agents (ext. 1296)
  2. Processing of offshore taxation (ext.  1308, 1365)
  3. Processing of charities & non-profit organizational, revision of forms, blue return (ext. 1320)
  4. Assignment and control of routine investigation; liaison between public enterprises (ext. 1229)
  5. Consultation and study of tax regulations (ext. 1250)
  6. Supervision of operation of branch/office; processing of liquidation (ext. 1262)
  7. Processing of tax incentive (ext. 1284)
  8. Processing of pofit-seeking enterprise income tax declaration and assessment of asset revaluation (ext. 1337)
  9. Consultation of Transfer Pricing Regulations (Except for Advanced Pricing Agreement) (ext. 1365)
  10. Processing of Advanced Pricing Agreement (ext. 1308)
Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax Division



Individual Income Tax, Estate and Gift Tax
  1. Examination of income derived from professional practices (ext. 1510)
  2. Investigation of individual cases (ext.  1530)
  3. Declaration and examination of estate tax (ext. 1600)
  4. Deferred declaration of  estate tax (ext. 1608)
  5. Notification and reminder to declare  estate tax (ext. 1601, 1609)
  6. Declaration and examination of gift tax (ext. 1630)
  7. Administrative affairs of individual income tax and withholding tax (ext. 1566)
  8. Declaration of individual income tax and withholding tax (ext. 1571)
  9. Collection of individual income tax, estate and gift tax data (ext.1580)
  10. Individual income tax for foreign taxpayers & overseas Chinese (ext.  1116, 1118)
Individual Income Tax,
Estate and Gift Tax Division



Business Tax
Tobacco and Alcohol Tax
Securities and Futures Transaction Tax
Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax
  1. Business Registration Administration: issuance of tax code number and operating status (ext. 1853)
  2. Uniform invoice management (ext.  1833)
  3. Activities related to commodity tax (ext. 1714, 1718)
  4. Activities related to tobacco and alcohol tax (ext. 1720)
  5. Activities related to securities transaction tax and futures transaction tax (ext. 1712, 1719)
  6. Examination and planning of specifically selected goods and services tax (ext. 1715)
  7. Receipt and handling of reports on tax evasion and leakage (Report Hotline: +886-2-2370-2652, +886-2-2375-6159)
Sales Tax 5F
General Administrative
  1. Tax Enquiry & General Services Counter (for personal service please dial eight)
  2. Tax education and propaganda (ext. 1970~1980)
  3. Review of selected returns (ext. 1910 ~ 1917)
  4. Planning and designing (ext. 1920 ~ 1926)
  5. Evaluation of operating, official document flow (ext. 1930 ~ 1936)
General Administrative Division 6F
Administrative Remedies, Examination of Violation and Regulatory Affairs
  1. Examination of rechecks (profit-seeking enterprise income tax and business tax: ext. 2011, 2021; individual income tax, estate tax, gift tax, securities transaction tax, futures transaction tax, commodity tax, specifically selected goods and services tax, and tobacco and alcohol tax: ext. 2031, 2051)  
  2. Examination of violations (ext. 2071)
  3. Payment of rewards for reporting (ext. 2077)
  4. Consultation and study of tax regulations (ext. 2061)
Legal Affairs Division 8F
Tax colleciton and Tax information Management
  1. Administration of tax collection and processing of tax refund (ext. 2120)
  2. Processing of arrears settlement, tax safeguards, compulsory execution (ext. 2160, 2180)
  3. Processing of collateral property and payment-in-kind of estate tax, gift tax (ext. 2140)
  4. Processing of securities transaction/ futures transaction/ commodity/ tobacco and alcohol tax collection (ext. 2153)
  5. Cooperate with the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice in handing relevant enforcement matters
    (Stationed in Taipei Branch: (02)2563-7769 ext. 29)
    (Stationed in Shihlin Branch: (02)2631-1636 ext. 15)
  6. Management of information system (profit-seeking enterprise income tax) (ext. 2340)
  7. Management of information system (Individual Income tax, collection and administration )(ext.2360)
  8. Management of information system (business tax, securities transaction tax, futures transaction tax, commodity tax, tobacco and alcohol tax, specifically selected goods and services tax, estate/ gift tax) (ext. 2380)
  9. Tax data archiving and controls (ext. 2273)
  10. Outsourcing of data entry, cross-check of tax bill and tax revenue, e-file of individual income tax return (ext. 2262)
  11. Controls over and operations related to information/personal data security of the Bureau’s employees, personal data education and training, and personal data protection management system (ext. 2277)
  12. Documentation of taxation information, processing of e-filing for business tax, and income enquiry planning (ext. 2334)
  13. Retention and retrieval of all types of taxation data, and government agencies’ requests for the access to taxation data (ext. 2260)
Collection and Information Management Division




Administrative and secretarial works
  1. Cashier affairs (ext. 3005)
  2. General affairs (ext. 3009)
  3. Documentation affairs (ext. 3030)
  4. Archives (ext. 3061)



Accounting and Statistics
  1. Annual budget (ext. 2904)
  2. Expenditure (ext. 2907)
  3. Annual revenue (ext. 2916)
  4. Statistics (ext. 2923)
Accounting and Statistics Office 13F
Personnel Administration
  1. Organizational structure (ext. 2705)
  2. Staff recruitment, dismissal, transfer, and promotion (ext. 2709)
  3. Staff performance appraisl, awards, punishment, and attendance (ext. 2720)
  4. Staff wages, welfare, retirement, and condolence (ext. 2735)
Personnel Office 14F
Discipline and ethics in taxation
  1. Tasks and responsibilities related to investigation, enforcement and maintenance (ext. 2807)
  2. Preventive and comprehensive services (ext. 2803)
  3. Report hotline: +886-2-2375-2607
Civil Service Ethics Office 14F
Discipline and ethics in taxation
  1. Control and supervision of discipline among of tax administrators (ext. 2603)
  2. Report hotline: +886-2-2375-6142
Investigation Office 14F


Last updated:2023-06-26