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The complaint mechanism for the protection of the rights and interests of the labor contracting workers

The complaint mechanism for the protection of the rights and Interests of the labor contracting workers of the National Taxation Bureau of Taipei(hereinafter referred to as the “NTBT”)

1. The basic rights and interests of labor contracting workers are as follows:

(1) The contractor shall pay salaries, insured labor insurance, employment insurance, national health insurance and labor pensions in accordance with the laws, and shall pay the above-mentioned fees as required.

(2) The working conditions of the resident workers shall be handled in accordance with the labor laws, Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, Act of Gender Equality in Employment and other relevant laws and regulations.

(3) The NTBT shall not assign the resident workers to work outside the provisions of the contract.

2.The appeal process and methods:

(1) If any damage to the rights and interests occurs, please attach the specific evidence and file a complaint with the relevant units of the NTBT.

(2) If the contractor violates the contract, if it is not improved immediately after the reflection of the NTBT, it will deduct the contract price, terminate or cancel the contract according to the contractual provisions, and report to the Taipei City Government Department of Labor for labor inspection.

(3) If it is improperly assigned by the NTBT, the letter will be submitted to the immediate supervisory unit for improvement and, depending on the circumstances, reported to the head of the NTBT.

3. When the rights and interests of the labor contracting workers are damaged, a complaint may be filed with the following units or personnel:

Receiving units: the Secretariat or the services section of the immediate supervisory unit.

The contact persons of the Secretariat are Zhiwei Qiu, Chaowei Lin, Chunchien Lin or their immediate supervisors.

Phone: (02) 23113711 ext. 3019, 3018, 3014

E-mail: NA12844@ntbt.gov.tw



Last updated:2024-07-16